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Cats In 2016, we returned to the Sabi Sand region in South Africa. Our game viewing was at a reserve that benefits from sharing its wildlife population with Kruger National Park because there are no fences to keep the animals from moving freely between the areas. There were plenty of large cats to be seen, including magnificent leopards, for which Sabi Sand is famous, as well as lions and a cheetah.

In addition to the cats, there is a wide variety of wildlife that inhabits Sabi Sand. Here are pictures of hippos, hyenas, cape buffalo, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and white rhinos as well as a couple of birds.


Wild dog Although there are packs of African wild dogs in the bush, they are usually not seen at all, and even more rarely at close range. We witnessed a wild dog kill of a bushbuck right in front of our vehicle. Warning: the images in this gallery are quite graphic.

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