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Attending the Olympic games is a multidimensional experience, much of which is at and around the sporting competitions. Not only do you witness amazing athleticism and thrilling matches at the events, but also there is entertainment, ceremony, and celebration. In this album are images of what you see, including the competition, some of what happens associated with it, and of the venues themselves.

Evgeny Chigishev, Russia, Silver Medalist Superheavyweight Weightlifting

View from the Olympic Green Beijing is becoming a modern city at an incredible pace, including infrastructure improvements constructed for the Olympic games that will be used long into the future. New world class sporting venues on the Olympic Green are already instantly recognized icons of Beijing. Hotels, office buildings, and shopping centers have sprung up all over town and the subway system was significantly expanded.

The Closing Ceremony took place in the 90,000 seat National Stadium, known to everyone as the Bird's Nest. There is nothing quite like being at an event of this magnitude and so the images in this album will only convey a small sense of the experience of being there.

Closing Ceremony

Pin trading at the Olympic Green Pin trading is an Olympic tradition. If you see a group drawn together, that is probably what has gathered them. It is a great way to meet and interact with all kinds of people and, when you return home at the end of the games, you find yourself with a displayable collection that will bring back wonderful memories. In our case, with Adam doing the bulk of the trading, we wound up with well over 100 pins, representing countries, sponsors, sporting events, mascots, and more.

We visited the Great Wall at Jinshanling on a sparkling clear day. The wall here is partially, but not entirely, restored, making it particularly interesting to explore. This section is also visited by fewer tourists than other stretches of the wall that are closer to Beijing.

Great Wall

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